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Are you letting Facebook™ Ads & Digital Automation hold you back from your launch? 

The world is WAITING for you to unveil your unique talent. 

Does it feel like your dreams are JUST within reach…

But there’s just ONE obstacle in your way

 Facebook™ Ads & Digital Automation.
We are the solution. 
Does this sound like you?
  •  Coordinating a launch has left you emotionally exhausted
  •  The idea of making your passion profitable fills you with guilt
  •  Some of the launch tactics you’ve heard about seem sleazy and unethical 
  •  The DREAM is to make money in your sleep so you can spend more time LIVING but no matter what you do you can't move forward
  •  H-A-T-E doesn’t even begin to describe how you feel about all the tech 
Sound familiar?

Are you ready to get on the path to a 
successful & ethical launch?
Do you want MORE clients? 
  •  FASTER clients onboarding 
  •  A streamlined enrollment process
  •  People lining up to work with you
Do you want MORE money? 
  •  Passive income 
  •  Higher earning potential 
  •  Work less and earn more
Do you want MORE clarity? 
  •  Pin down your amazing ideas
  •  Overcome your mindset issues 
  •  Have a roadmap to success
  •  Expert funnel builders and launch coordinators that can help you hit your financial targets
  •   A team of Tech Geek experts 
  •  Your digital partner to help guide you towards achieving your vision
  •  Create a Financial Forecast that's aligned with your Financial Goals, whether it's 1k a month or getting into the 2 comma club with Clickfunnels
  •  Done for you sales funnel, Facebook™ ads, Google & SEO
  •  Creating a healthy and successful mindset
  •  Graphic design
  •  Websites for coaches, consultants, course creators, experts
  •  Growing a Facebook™ group following
  •  Social media management 
  •  Content creation for masterclasses & webinars
Our clients cannot stop raving about us!
"Absolutely delightful team to work with"
If you simply have too much on your plate and require experts to manage your Automation & Advertising, then I highly recommend you hire Rescue My Launch Agency."
$12,000 in under 12 days of Facebook Audience Research and Running Facebook Conversion Ads

-Diane Lefrandt- Big Visibility, Big Profits 

"I was working full time and I had a short time frame to execute my launch so the best thing I did was hire Rescue My Launch Digital Agency to implement and execute my funnels and Facebook™ Ads Implementation''
The support is priceless, I felt I had partners invested in my success!
"Enrolled 40 Students in my new Online Launch in under a few weeks!''
- Kaltun Karani- Hikma Academy

Empires were NOT alone
We are your secret weapon
Does this sound like you?

  •  You’re a consultant or coach
  •  You want to launch an online program or mastermind
  •  Your business should be making 6 figures
  •  You don’t want to employ or manage a team (who has the time!)
  •  Automation will help you sell out your evergreen programs & land your dream clients 
  •  You feel guilty about turning a passion into a profitable business 
  •  You’re an expert in your field but don’t have time to learn the tech jargon
  •  Facebook advertising isn’t your passion
  •  You want to grow your mailing list but don’t know how!
  •  You’re overwhelmed with conflicting advice
  •  You should have launched months ago 
Take a deep breath my friend - your rescue team is here
We will create a bespoke plan of attack to get you from

Are you ready to have a sold out launch? 
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